We are currently seeking a hands-on CNC Programmer for our growing machining shop in Brooksville, Fl. The ideal candidate will have CNC programming experience in a production environment utilizing various screw, lathe, and CNC machinery. This position will spend majority of time on shop floor with operators/set up team members. We are looking to hire a skilled CNC Programmer to operate and maintain our CNC equipment. As a CNC Programmer, you will be responsible for reading and interpreting technical blueprints, inputting the design specifications, adjusting the machine cutting paths, and performing quality checks on the final product. You may also be required to perform routine machine maintenance and troubleshoot any issues that arise during the manufacturing process. Previous experience leading or managing a team is a plus.

Qualifications & Minimum Requirements:

10+ years of equivalent work experience
Oversee set ups and qualification of processes
Hands on role with equipment, team members, and management
CNC programming, turning, and milling
Design of fixtures, tooling, and processes
Establishes time cycles
Develop processes that will optimize time cycle and quality
Selects the correct machine for the part
Production turning and milling experience
Knowledge of correct tooling, speeds, and feeds
Cycle time reduction
Continuous Quality improvement
Recommends purchase of equipment
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Job Description

CNC Programmer Responsibilities:

Reading and interpreting technical blueprints and design models.
Loading raw materials into the CNC machine.
Inputting the product design into the computer modeling software.
Choosing and loading the correct cutting tools for the job.
Adjusting machine settings to the desired product specifications.
Troubleshooting issues during the manufacturing process.
Completing quality control tests during the manufacturing stage and on the final product.
Cleaning and maintaining the machine.
Training new staff on machine operation procedures.

CNC Programmer Requirements:

High school diploma or GED.
Previous work experience as a CNC Programmer.
Ability to read and interpret design blueprints.
Extensive experience with computer modeling software.
Strong attention to detail.
Ability to work independently and stick to a deadline.
Ability to stand for extended periods.
Ability to lift heavy objects.
Ability to work after-hours when required.

Company Description

Since 1986, Van-Ess Manufacturing has been meeting or exceeding customer requirements for Quality, Delivery and Service. With a combined experience of nearly 70 years, partners Ralph Esposito and Lee Beers are committed to continually improving our Quality program and manufacturing capabilities to meet the rapidly changing needs of our customers. Van-Ess Manufacturing Inc is family owned and operated. We perform all levels of precision CNC machining and turning. We offer start-to-finish solutions for every project. Our capabilities include precision CNC milling and turning, light welding, and assembly.  We also see to plating, coating, heat treating, and painting that includes precision masking for our customers.


Van-Ess Manufacturing Inc.

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